Servzen Terms and Conditions

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Welcome to Servzen Internet Services web hosting. These terms and conditions define terms and conditions also known as rules and regulations for using our website, products, and services.
By accessing this website, using our products and services, you accept our privacy policy, cookies policy, and its terms and conditions. Please do not use our website unless you agree to it.
This page has the legal terms and conditions or terms of service between 'You' and 'Servzen' about our system including all of our products and services. The page also contains terms for the use of this website. It is required that you read and accept all of our terms and conditions and privacy policy before using any of our product(s), services, or the website.


The license applies to Servzen intellectual property rights for all materials, products, and services related to our business. For the license, you must not:
- Republish or copy content from Servzen.
- Sell, rent, or misuse content from our website.
- Products or services in illegal activities such as hacking, malware, spyware, etc.
- Distribute products & services without permission from Servzen.
- iFrame or screenshots our website without permission from Servzen.
- Servzen deserves the right to remove any content, products, services, or accounts involved in the above activities. You can report the copyright infringement or misuse of the rights, products, or services at
- Hyperlinking and sharing our content
- Servzen approves linking to our website, content, products and services via hyperlink without any approval. We also approve recommending our products and hosting to friends, family, and friends or sharing your experience with them.

Rules and Regulations:

Please read the following rules and regulations for our products and services before you order or use them. The rules and regulations apply to all of our products accessible at Any violation of our rules will result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of the product or service associated.
- Any content or products involved in hacking, DDoS attacks, spamming or copyright material is not allowed.
- You have 3 days to renew any expired product such as web hosting or email hosting. After 3rd day, the hosting account and associated features will be suspended unless billed and acknowledged.
- You’re not allowed to spam our email system by sending bulk emails. If found, the associated service may be suspended or terminated.
- We’re not responsible for any domain expiry or renewal for the domain. We just register the domain name with our partners. You’ve to order domain renewal service separately for any expired domain name.
- All the products and services we offer on our website are refundable within 3 days.
- Our customer ticket or chat support is available for all products or services on the active products or ongoing orders. We’ll not provide any support after the expiry of products or services.
- Our managed support for cloud hosting is available at 30$/m. This includes all the technology, on-site work, security, installation, and speed optimization.
- All digital licenses are not verified by the manufacturers. We only provide shared license for cPanel, Cloud Linux, etc.