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Below is the privacy policy for the site: for the users. This privacy policy defines what type of information we collect and how we use it. If you have any queries regarding privacy or report abuse, please send us an email at or via the contact page. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all types of data you share with us by purchasing online services, creating an account, or using our site.

By using our website, order any domain, hosting, or services you agree to our Privacy Policy and its Terms and Conditions.

What we collect:
- We collect personal and business information about our users via forms, accounts, and various methods. If you contact us via the contact form or email, we may receive your personal information such as Name, Email, Phone number, Attachments, etc.
- When you register an account on our site, we receive your business or personal information such as company name, email address, phone number, services, payment info, etc.

How we use it:
- We use the user information to improve users experience on the site including:
- Operate and maintain user profiles.
- Personalize type of users, calculate estimates on user's interest for our business, etc.
- Analyzing users and visitor analytics on our site.
- Improve or develop new products or services.
- Promoting our new services and updates to you.
- Communicate better with clients such as support, emails, etc.

Prevent internet frauds.

Log Files
We store basic log information about the visitors on our site such as IP address, browser type, ISP, date and time, products, services or pages visited, etc. The main purpose of this information is to help us understand our users and to maintain analytics reports.

We also use this information to advertise our users and personalize their experience on our site.

Third-Party Privacy Policies
Our privacy policy doesn’t apply to external services, links, or advertisers. The privacy policy and its terms and conditions are applicable on our website, products, services, emails, and related internal information.

You can disable cookies through your browser on our site if you don’t want to disclose the analytics information to us.